Home Born

About Our Practice


Every person deserves to have their wishes met in their journey towards parenthood.


We are continually staying up to date on current research and guidelines, paying closest attention to good evidence based research. Our CPR and NRP (neonatal resuscitation) certifications are always current and we refresh our skills regularly through classes, practice sessions and discussions with other midwives.


By meeting our clients where they are at emotionally, physically, and economically we tailor our practice to each individual client and family.


Compassion is a cornerstone of our practice. We bring our full hearts to our work and never allow ourselves to forget that each birth is unique and a profound right of passage for our families.


intuition is a universal and essential tool of the midwife. At homeborn we honor our intuition as care givers and allow the heightened intuition of our birthers to help us fine-tune each individual's care.


In Today's birth culture, Fear reigns supreme. by holding trust and understanding of the physiological, spiritual, and social changes that accompany pregnancy and childbirth, we create a container in which our families can discover their innate wisdom, strength, and ability to birth without fear.

Nuts and Bolts

Home born is a traveling midwifery practice.

Danielle is based in Maine but travels all over New England from Martha's Vineyard to Vermont to northern Maine.

We have a need-based sliding scale for payment, which varies based on location. We sincerely try to accommodate diverse financial situations and create individualized payment plans. Please contact us for more information.

We work with families of all persuasions, and constellations; every family is deeply valued and treated equally.

The Midwives

Danielle Kilroy CPM, LM

Danielle is originally from Boston, MA. She became interested in women's health and midwifery while living in california in 2003. Aftre spending a few years working and traveling she went back to school in 2007.  Graduated from the Matrona midwifery program in 2009 and completed an apprenticeship in early 2012.  She was awarded her CPM (certified professional midwife) in 2012.  Since then she has practiced throughout New England as a traveling midwife. In 2016 Danielle became a liscensed midwife in Wisconsin and periodically travels there to work with a family practice and midwifery care clinic.



Meredith Holdsworth CD

Meredith is passionate about home birth and delights in supporting families in their basic right to an empowering birth experience. She received her training at Warm Welcome Birth Services in Massachusetts, and brings to birth work her love and continuing years of education in multidimensional energy healing.